Monday, September 14, 2009

8 Tips For Dating Younger Women - Listen Up Potential Sugar Daddies

Creative Loafing published a great article today for potential Sugar Daddies who are looking for tips on how to date younger women. They offer up these eight tips:

1) Don’t make a big deal about the age difference. You can’t completely avoid the discussion, but unless she specifically finds it exciting (some do), don’t bring it up often. Avoid making her feel like a fetish item. Instead, let her know that you really like her and she just happens to be younger.

2) Pay for dinner. Always. Guys her age are most likely at a difference place financially and she, therefore, is used to sometimes paying or at least splitting the bill. I’m not suggesting you take her on shopping sprees or pay her bills (unless you’re going for sugar daddy), but if you can afford to do so, cover dinners and drinks. This is often cited as a perk of dating up.

3) Have you dated women younger than her? Doesn’t matter. Unless she asks, let her think she’s the youngest woman you’ve been with. There’s something sexy about that. Everyone wants to feel special, yes? Especially if the age gap is significant (15+), she may find your having been with a younger woman kinda sketchy. It’s better she think she’s the exception, not the rule.

4) Practice safe sex. This is the one complaint I hear over and over from women dating older men: they whine about/refuse to use condoms. If you’re monogamous and have both been tested, find some other method of contraception and have at it. Before you get to that point, however, at least offer to use protection. Ultra thin condoms and a damn good lube will get you through. Groan. I know, I know sex is better without. But if young guys wear ‘em and older men won’t, who would you feel safer humping?

and if things get a bit more serious…

5) Don’t be clingy. This is generally a perk of dating older fellows. Communicate, but don’t pry. Be available, but never cling. Exercise your maturity here. You’re wiser and more experienced than the toddlers she’s hobnobbed with, so don’t revert to your needy, inner 17-year-old.

6) Hang out with your friends before hers. She’s used to being around you, so your friends will likely feel familiar. Hers, on the other hand, might seem young and stupid. Warning: her straight male pals may despise you. “Why can this middle-aged schmuck get her and I can’t?!” Proceed with caution. Be nice, be smart, be patient.

7) Wait a while to meet her parents. It could be awkward, especially if you’re closer to their age than hers. Let them get used to the idea first. The ‘rents should know that you really make her happy before they meet the older dude who’s giving it to their daughter.

8) Don’t ask her to wear little-girl panties, school girl costumes, etc. If it’s her idea, great, but again, try to avoid the creep factor. Be judicious about how you introduce any kink into the relationship. Don’t freak her out.

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