Monday, October 12, 2009

Four Pick-Up Moves For The Ladies To Try On Halloween

Halloween is in a few weeks, and took a look at four pickup moves that are tailor-made for the scary holiday.

Halloween! Horror films, haunted houses and ... hooking up? Oh yes. The same month that's synonymous with ghosts and goblins is also prime time for gettin' some. And because we're just so durned helpful, we've listed the top four ways to do just that while incorporating your favorite fall activities. Yes, they're cheesy, and yes, they'll probably work.

  1. The Haunted House Grope - Oops... I didn't mean to stumble into you.
  2. The Daisy Duke Ensemble - There's no better time to show off your backside.
  3. The Scary Movie Snuggle - With every scary moment, inch a little bit closer.
  4. The Halloween Punch-Drunk Love - A little liquor always opens up the door to romance.
 For details on each of the moves mentioned above,  check out the full article on


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