Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Ways A Sugar Daddy Can Help You Get Out Of This Recession By Donald Hodges

Suffering from Recession Depression? Can’t keep up to your bills? Having trouble finding a job? Allay your fears and stay out of the bread lines by finding a Sugar Daddy. These generous men make financial arrangements to assist their Sugar Babes. You can find your well-endowed knight in shining armor at

1. Cover Basic Needs

When you make an arrangement with a Sugar Daddy, discuss what assistance you might need to cover your basic needs. Take care of rent, weekly food shopping, car payments and fuel costs. This way, you can ward off worry and focus all your energy on that job search.

2. Pay Off Loans

If you’re one of those unfortunate recent college graduates who cannot find a job despite your degree, you probably have school loans coming due which you cannot currently afford. Deferring will only exacerbate to problem. Instead of watching your interest compound and your debt accrue, pay the principal down. Your benefactor may can help you pay off these pesky loans so you can put college behind you and move on and settle into your post-graduate professional lifestyle.

3. Get Help Finding a Job

If you’re a more independent girl, the right Sugar Daddy will respect this. Instead of writing a check, your Sugar Daddy will assist you in finding a job. If he doesn’t own his company, he will certainly have sway within his corporate hierarchy. If an intramural job search doesn’t pan out, his networks are extensive and inexhaustible. Do your best to attend his work functions and after work cocktail hour to get out the word about your ambition. Socializing will do you a bit of good, anyway, and will help you become a closer, more valuable companion to your Sugar Daddy.

4. Retail Therapy

Let’s face it: everyone needs a little shopping therapy from time to time. Beat the recession blues by taking a shopping trip with your Sugar Daddy; he will want to see you looking your finest, anyway. Spruce up your wardrobe for job interviews, networking nights, and, of course, that trip to Capri.

5. Stimulate the Economy

When your Sugar Daddy helps you to pay off your loans, to climb out of debt, to find a job and to pour money back into the system with your purchases, together you will play a crucial role in stimulating the economy. These private stimulus packages will repaire the economy slowly but surely.


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