Thursday, February 25, 2010

How And Where Can I Find Rich Men? By Donald Hodges

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Attracting a mate is hard enough, but finding rich men can be even more difficult. You can make it easier by dressing to the nines and putting yourself in the proper circles, whether its local clubs or online dating sites. The steps that follow may help you to put your makeover into practice.

1. Clean up

Rich men want to be seen with a woman who is very well-groomed; after all, he will be judged by the company he keeps. One way to attract a wealthy mate is to make sure your hair is styled, your makeup flawless, and your designer clothes neatly pressed. If you must dye your hair, have it done professionally, and make sure your manicure is never chipped. Attention to detail is imperative. Follow these basic guidelines and you will start looking the part: it will also reflect in those photos you upload to your online dating profile!

2. Shape up

Looking good goes beyond the things with which you adorn yourself. Getting in shape and staying fit is a sign of self-worth that is just as valuable as your Gucci purse. Not only will you look good, but you will feel sexier and there is nothing more attractive than confidence. Also, if you can afford it, join a health and fitness club that caters to the wealthy. Getting your grunt on regularly may result in an opportunity to chat with that rich familiar stranger whose muscles you keep admiring.

3. Go out

Put on your finest duds and sip a martini in your city’s classiest bar or lounge in the financial district. Rich men attending business dinners or unwinding after a long day giving directives will stop there on week nights for a scotch on the rocks. If you are courageous enough, you can look more available by going alone – and remember to put your cell away or you will look too preoccupied. Stay vigilant and don’t be afraid to make eye-contact.

4. Join clubs

Health clubs are not the only important places to patronize. Find a rich man with integrity at local organizations and societies. Political groups and conventions, scientific academies, Chambers of Commerce, and non-profit organizations for the elite in addition to yacht clubs, boathouses, and country clubs are all meeting places of the wealthy. Stay abreast of events going on within these organizations and make your appearance regularly. Soon, you will become a familiar face in these circles.

5. Use your resources

When walking your dog in wealthy neighborhoods doesn’t give you the result you were hoping for, someone will always be seeking you out on online dating communities such as Use your resources and let that rich man find you instead!


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