Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Are Young Women Attracted To Wealthy Men? By Donald Hodges

A man with money will never have trouble finding a pretty little date on Friday night; nor will he find it hard to have a young, beautiful blonde blow on his dice at Vegas. Young women are naturally attracted to a man with money, regardless of his age.

A man with money is attractive, of course, because he has money. And, when one has money, one has security. In an insecure economic age, a man with wealth is a safeguard against the very real threat of losing the ability to afford rent and food. Young women burdened with the debt of college loans can cover their basic needs and ward off debt by making an arrangement with a wealthy man. And, with this security, a woman can rest easy. While security and comfort are not necessarily synonymous, the latter can be a result of the former. When a young woman is guaranteed comfort, she can then pursue her goals with peace of mind.

Women are not simply creatures of comfort and every woman, no matter how fiscally conservative, makes excuses to build a wardrobe. Young women, however, are more particular about wanting to adorn their good looks with expensive taste; a wealthy man can provide this luxury. The only thing more therapeutic than a shopping trip is a shopping trip on someone else’s dime. On the same token, wealthy men promise an exciting lifestyle. Because they have already worked their fingers to the bone to make their millions, wealthy men can afford to let loose. This carefree front is attractive to young women who dream of sharing excitement and luxurious get-aways with a fun-loving companion.

But, more than the value of a bank vault’s contents is the power it represents. First, women like men who have power within society because there is a certain prestige in associating with a wealthy man; it makes a girl feel special in a crowd of regular people. With the companionship of a well-endowed man, women can be sure to forge their way into high society. Young women have much to look forward to; making an early appearance in society could make for a more auspicious future. Secondly, power is sexy. Women are innately attracted to power as if it were a pheromone.

There’s more to a wealthy man than his wallet. Younger women are attracted to wealthy men for their innate character traits, as well. In order to have accrued his weight in gold, a wealthy man must have superior work ethic and intelligence.

A man’s burgeoning bank account is also testament to his ability to make wise investments. Besides, women like men who work hard to advance themselves in their careers because it is evidence of prowess – which extends beyond the office and into the bedroom.

Young women seeking a father figure are also attracted to wealthy men. The Silver Fox is typically older, wiser, and because they are usually in positions of power, they are accustomed to giving the advice and guidance sought by women with less experience in life, in society and in finances. Finding a Sugar Daddy is like gaining a teacher.

These combined qualities amount to a man with confidence. If a smart man with business savvy has amassed wealth and understands the power of his dollar, he is sure to walk with squared shoulders and his chin held high. The posture makes for a good cologne advertisement, but also makes for a good date on the town and confidence during an intimate evening.

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