Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugar Daddy Tips - The Best Places On Earth To Take Your Sexy Sugar Babies By Donald Hodges

Mid adult man with two women in bikinis
A wealthy man has the money to hop a flight first class to the world’s most beautiful cities. The Sugar Babies on sites like MutualArrangements.com want to travel and see all the beauty the world has to offer.

The US offers a multitude of posh destinations to explore with your Sugar Baby. The most obvious place is New York City. While Washington, DC may be the nation’s capital, the capital of the world seems to be the bustling streets of the Big Apple. Here, you can indulge your sweetheart in an elaborate shopping spree in the Fashion Center, followed by a pair of box seats on Broadway, a late dinner at one of New York’s premier restaurants, and access to the VIP section of clubs in the city that never sleeps. Return to the W at dawn and start all over again the next afternoon.

Further up the East Coast, Boston offers ample opportunity to experience traditional culture in the most European city in the United States. Charming cobblestones lead to the steps of the Boston’s Symphony Hall and the Museum of Fine Arts. Top off a cultural week by learning the Boston accent from your friendly waiter over a cup of clam chowder at the Top of the Hub while watching the sun set over the Charles River.

Take your angel across the continent to the City of Angels. Rodeo Drive offers not only high fashion, but also good people watching – and if you watch closely you may run across a few celebrities. Take the Gucci’s off your Sugar Baby’s eyes so she can see the L.A. stars better at night.

And if the sunshine is what she’s after, hit up Miami for those sumptuous rays and a growing modern skyline. Your Sugar Baby’s new bathing suit will be sure to stun the people-watchers along the Art Deco pathways on South Beach. And, by night, her white dress will set off that tan when she kicks up her heels on the dance floor of the salsa club.

Another exotic location that appeals to Sugar Daddies and their Sugar Babies is Rio de Janiero, Brazil where string bikinis and high heels rule the fashion scene. Christ the Redeemer may be looking down upon this city founded in sixteenth century, but the festivals and feathers suggest anything but religious sanctity. The whirling colors and tropical sun will make it hard for your beautiful Baby to wipe the smile off her face.

Across the ocean, two romantic cities provide the perfect backdrop for a trip with your gorgeous Sugar Baby. Eating chocolate crepes beneath the glittering arches of Eiffel Tower will send your Sugar Baby into a saccharine spin. An evening at the Moulin Rouge and a tour of the Louvre are in order for this trip to Paris, France: the world’s most charming city.

Finally, have your Sugar Baby cast a penny into the Trevi Fountain and if she’s a good girl, maybe the prophecy will come true and she will return to the ancient Mediterranean city of Rome. A pizza pie topped with fresh basil, tomato, mozzarella di bufala accompanied by a glass of last harvest’s sweet red wine and the sound of a tinkling mandolin complete the passion of Italy – but the food cannot overshadow the satisfaction of what takes place in the hotel: now that’s amore.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why It Is Safer To Be A Sugar Baby Than A Private Entertainer By Donald Hodges

Man and prostitute making out on bed with dollar banknotes scattered around
When a girl is at the end of her rope and has exhausted all options for paying off her debt, she can choose to become a private entertainer. But, before jumping headfirst into a risky occupation, it would be beneficial to explore Sugar Daddy dating. As a Sugar Baby, a girl can develop a rapport with her client for a long-standing relationship which promises both psychological and emotional safety. Otherwise, a girl will suffer insulting and damaging treatment during short gigs as a private entertainer. MutualArrangements.com is one place girls can find Sugar Daddies for their protection.

First of all, a Sugar Baby can initiate contact with her Sugar Daddy online where she does not have to be concerned about the threat of unsolicited physicality. A girl can chat online and see photos of her Sugar Daddy before she decides to meet him. As a private entertainer, however, a girl is hired and expected to show up for one or several men she has not had the opportunity to screen.

The nature of a Sugar Daddy is giving, generous and protective. An arrangement with a Sugar Daddy ensures a Sugar Baby not only cash and companionship, but also dignity and gentle treatment. The men who hire private entertainers view the business agreement simply as a service in exchange for money and see no humanity in it. This can result in destructive behavior and unkind or abusive language. In either case, an entertainer suffers the physical damage of this treatment – whether it is self-imposed or inflicted by others. After all, psychological damage often manifests itself physically.

As a Sugar Baby, a girl has only one man to attend to in exchange for the spoils of romance. This makes for a safer lifestyle because there is one man to know and understand and trust. Having one partner also ensures safer sex, less risk of disease, and the comfort of knowing how to fulfill one man’s desires. As a private entertainer, a girl is expected to blindly trust many strange men who may not be clean, who may abuse drugs, and may be more adventurous in sexual encounters than a girl’s comfort level allows.

Finally, a girl never has to worry about being alone when she dates a Sugar Daddy. As a private entertainer, however, a girl may leave a bachelor party, a frat house, a bar, club or a private residence without a stronger male escort. After having performed for any audience of unknown men, a girl is put at risk of attack by a testosterone-filled man with an adrenaline rush. No matter where she parks, a girl opens herself up for assault on the walk between venue and vehicle. Even when she is safely in her car, there is no telling whether she is being followed. As a Sugar Baby, however, a girl will always have a protective man by her side and will never be made to expose her body before exposing herself to risk.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Exactly Is A No Strings Attached Relationship? By Donald Hodges

Portrait of a couple embracing
No strings attached relationships, or NSAs, are popular amongst people who have busy schedules and enjoy their freedom. People who generally fit this description can be found on Sugar Daddy dating sites like MutualArrangements.com. A no strings attached relationship is special because it operates on the basis of open communication as well as an understanding of mutual satisfaction and freedom.

The most desirable attribute of an NSA relationship is that both partners have the chance to date other people. In a no strings attached relationship, there is an understanding between a couple that both will have the freedom to see people outside of the relationship. This allows two people to be emotionally supportive of one another until a more ideal situation comes along. In order to make this work, both people must be open and communicative. This attribute comes naturally when there is no pressure to be loyal.

Furthermore, where there is a chance to date other people, there is also the opportunity to sleep with other people. Finding a perfect sexual partner can be difficult and sometimes people need to shop around for their ultimate mate. A no strings attached relationship operates with the assumption that neither party is exclusive, but both are still on the market to find the person who will answer to their fantasies. In the meantime, however, neither person in an NSA suffers from chastity because they still have one another. Moreover, an NSA couple can bring home their other significant other for a sex party, threesome, or exchange of partners and no one will be offended. After all, a romp in the hay is merrier with more. Additional partners can be found at Swingers clubs or on websites like Mutual Arrangements.

The atmosphere surrounding a no strings attached relationships is purely and simply fun. It is not binding nor is it not restrictive; rather, it is a liberating relationship conducted with pleasure as the only objective. Drama and jealousy is flagged because of the understandings that each person is free to explore avenues outside the relationship. Yet, excitement is maximized when the two team up for a ménage at trios or more.

Finally, because emotions are protected and there are always other lovers waiting in the wings, no strings attached relationships can be broken off with relatively few emotional repercussions. There is no sense of ownership in an NSA, and when a relationship comes to an end, both people part on good terms; after all, they may meet one another again.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dating Tips For Women - How To Land A Rich Boyfriend! By Donald Hodges

Young couple drinking champagne in bath
Finding rich men is a game; landing a rich boyfriend is an art. It requires a delicate balance between appealing to a man’s ego and maintaining your own confidence. Besides attracting men where the wealthy unwind, using an online dating site like MutualArrangements.com is the most effective way to meet and establish a relationship with a rich man.

Whether you meet online or in person, the first thing that will attract a man is your appearance. Leave those MySpace pictures where they are and put up classy photos that don’t reveal too much skin. If you’re aiming to meet a wealthy man at the bar, dress elegantly; showing a little leg is acceptable but wealthy men do not want to be seen with anyone that could be mistaken for a common call girl. Leave something to the imagination and a wealthy man will make attempts to confirm his suspicions.

Furthermore, the devil is in the details. Rich men are trained to pay attention to fine print. Putting care into your appearance involves manicures, pedicures, flawless makeup, freshly trimmed and highlighted hair, and a quality tan. A man that likes the finer things in life will notice your finer points.

Once a rich man is attracted by your obvious show of style and class, it is time to lay on the charm. Men love to be fawned over, but girls that fawn too much are usually seen as weak and clingy; however, a girl who maintains some autonomous confidence and an air of mystique will intrigue the wealthy man. Because rich men are unusually intelligent, they love a good puzzle. Make him solve you. Present your luscious looks but keep your conversation interesting with a wide array of interests ranging from current events to good literature to Martha Stewart-style domesticity, and intriguing little tidbits about yourself without giving up too much. Show that you are boht rational and confident, and would be an easy date to bring to a society function: you can work the room on your own, and add prestige to his already-esteemed reputation. Remember that if you are going to be the girlfriend of a rich man, you are going to be considered chief among his assets.

But with all the pressures of work and a high-profile life, rich men sometimes just want to kick back and relax. Make sure your propensity to be perfect can be easily put aside for an evening of sweatpants and NetFlix. You must be comfortable enough with yourself to use some makeup remover and kick back in his boxers. If you can be comfortable in your own skin, you will be endlessly sexy in all scenarios and therefore a priceless part of your rich boyfriend’s life.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why Do Professional Men Use Sugar Daddy Sites? By Donald Hodges

Portrait of a mid adult man giving a present to a mid adult woman
Professional men use Sugar Daddy dating sites for a plethora of reasons. Sites like MutualArrangements.com allow them to find young, attractive women within the limits of their busy schedules when stakes are high.

Professional men in important positions are busy while at work and they are equally busy working even when they are not at work. Given their burgeoning schedules and their spinning minds, these men don’t have a lot of time to devote to visiting bars and clubs for finding attractive companions. Online dating sites provide important men with the means to search for women both locally and abroad between business meetings and after a long day of work. Also, men like these do not like to waste time. Using online dating, they can make the most of taxi rides and airport delays by flirting with and winking at gorgeous girls on their Blackberries and iPhones.

High profile CEOs and important businessmen have a lot at stake and a lot to lose. They are judged by their competitors and associates based on the company they keep and the women with whom they are seen. So, these VIPs use Sugar Daddy dating sites because they know that they will find gorgeous girls with youthful spunk that hold their own reputations highly. Moreover, using a Sugar Daddy dating site allows these professionals to find beautiful girls without having to step foot in a strip club or other seedy late-night venue. Sugar Daddy dating provides a venue for a clean, honest search for a lovely lady.

Professional men, however, are not one-dimensional workhorses; many are married family men, as well. Yet, for some of these men, the spark has died at home and he is looking for a little treat on the side. Sugar Daddy dating provides a discreet way for overworked guys and wealthy benefactors to find some fun and off-set the stress of their office hours and home-lives. A relationship with a Sugar Baby is light, carefree, and typically short-term, giving these family men a brief flirtation with excitement without any long-term, binding repercussions. And, while cheating is nothing to condone, these men redeem some points with Karma for giving money and means toward the improvement of a Sugar Baby’s life.

Finally, professional men use Sugar Daddy dating sites because they know Sugar Babies will deliver. For men that mean business, putting effort into traditional sites may or may not yield results; however, Sugar Babies always pull through, saving Daddy some time – and if time is money, then he’s cashed in on a solid deal.
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